Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First Review

I said previously that I might talk about the Orange Box, so I am. Mostly for the sake of getting something up here, even though I'm feeling too cheap right now to buy a newer game. In case you're not familiar with the Orange Box, it's a disc with Half-Life 2, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and both add-ons for Half-Life. It's been around for kind of a while now, but especially Half-Life is one of those games that stays good for a long time. I mean, you're killing mind controlling facehugger crab things with a crowbar. What's not awesome about that? As for the actual gameplay, it's fairly standard for a first person shooter, but with a few extra things, like a lot better sprint ability and a crowbar as one of the main weapons, plus some adventure gaming mixed in. I like games that make you feel powerful, and I think this game does it well, since even though Gordon Freeman can't shrug off a ton of bullet wounds, there's enough health spread around so as to make it so that you don't die that often. Or at least in the first couple chapters in regular difficulty. I think feeling weak can ruin a game, and that's a big part of why I've never loved Call of Duty or Battlefield, so I'm happy that Half-Life avoids that. As for the other games on the disk, I'm waiting until I finish HL2 to start the two extra episodes, but Team Fortress 2 and Portal are fun. The only issues with TF2 that I've found are that I don't like the announcer's voice, it never lets me choose the spy class, there's kind of a learning curve, so I'm still not too good at it, which isn't really a problem with the game, but just something that temporarily makes it less fun. Oh and in case you're wondering, I play on the 360. I already played Portal 2 and loved it, and so far I'm thinking the first is just as good. I like it's sense of humor and the fact that it makes me feel smart when I solve a puzzle. So for less than $20, I'd say the Orange Box is one of the better deals you'll find for a game that's really multiple games that honestly, I'm impressed that they all fit on one disk. Final Verdict: This set of games gets 5 crowbars!

Monday, October 29, 2012

First Post

Well, here it is. My second blog. This is probably the moment when you're trying to figure out if this blog is garbage or not, if what I have to say has any validity or not, etc. Or you may have come here from my original blog, Genius Ideas and Stuff I Want. If not, you'll find a link to it somewhere around here, probably in the sidebar or whatever you call that thing where all the gadgets are. On that one, I talk a lot about ideas I have, some of which are genius, some not so much, and (of course) stuff I want that either I come up with, or something from a movie or video game or something. That was why I started that blog, but I've started doing a lot of reviews of stuff, so I thought I'd start a second blog to do that, which you're now reading. I'll be doing reviews of a lot of things, both new and not that new. Probably nothing too old, but if I buy a video game or see a movie, I'll most likely put a review on here. Just so you know what kind of reviews I'll be doing, you can expect reviews of Skyfall and The Hobbit once they come out, Dishonored and/or Darksiders 2 once I get around to getting them, and things like that. I also ordered the Orange Box, and that's probably coming in the mail today, so even though it's kind of old for a video game, or three video games and two add-ons if you want to be technical, I still might do a review of it/them. Also, if you want news on upcoming movies, games, etc., I do that too, but really only for the ones that I'm interested in, and I still haven't decided which blog I'm gonna put that stuff on, but I'm leaning towards Ideas, and using this one only once I've experienced what I'm talking about. So to be safe, you might as well follow both. Or not. Who am I to say? If you don't want an interesting, insightful, incredible, instantaneous, indispensable, insoluble interior insight into my thoughts, then don't read either of my blogs. But if you do want an interesting, insightful, incredible, instantaneous, indispensable, insoluble interior insight into my mind, and all of my genius and perfectly valid thoughts, then I suggest you do continue to read my posts. That is all.