On this blog, I review pretty much whatever movies, games, etc. I happen to see or play or whatever the appropriate verb is for the situation. Most of my reviews are of video games or movies, but I might do something else once in a while. I try to keep them fairly current, but sometimes I don't get around to things for a while. In each of my reviews, I discuss what I like and don't like about it, then give a Final Verdict. My Final Verdicts will always be a rating out of five, with fitting and whimsical units. I suppose I might use stars if either I'm feeling uncreative or it fits with what I'm reviewing. Five units means I see no apparent problems with whatever I'm reviewing and think it's great. Four units means it might have a couple issues, but it's still pretty cool. Three is kind of a meh rating that means that it's not the best, but certainly not the worst. Two units is saying that you can probably skip it if you want and not miss too much. If I give something only one unit, it's just bad. Zero is reserved for the select few that earn their place among the worst of the worst. If I really love something, I'll probably just say so and give it five units, but I suppose there's a small chance I'll go over five. And make sure to check out my other blog to see all the genius ideas I come up with!

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